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  • Leading With Laughter: Fast Class
    The highly praised audio CD that features the actual voices of U.S. presidents. Learn how America's leaders use to humor to relate, motivate and communicate. And how you can too! Retails for $9.95.

  • The Light Touch: How To Use Humor For Business Success
    Published by Simon & Schuster and a major bookclub selection, this hardcover gem will do much more than sit on a coffee table. It focuses on common business situations and nuts-and-bolts humor techniques. It enables you to use humor effectively even if you can't tell a joke. Retails for $18.95

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  • Humor Insurance Policy
    As seen in USA Today, the world's only policy that pays off if a joke bombs! Never worry about using humor again. Retails for $9.95.

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    You get a 20% discount for our online and offline classes and seminars. These include a wide range of humor-related topics.

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  • 25 Funny Quotes You Can Use In A Business Presentation Even If You Can't Tell A Joke

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