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"You know, I sometimes think that government is like that definition – that old definition of a baby. It’s an alimentary canal with an appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other."
Association of Independent Television Stations
January 27, 1982

"Personally, I like space. The higher you go, the smaller the Federal Government looks."
National Space Club Luncheon
March 29, 1985

"Last year you all helped me begin celebrating the 31st anniversary of my 39th birthday. And I must say that all of those pile up, an increase of numbers, don’t bother me at all, because I recall that Moses was 80 when God commissioned him for public service, and he lived to be 120. And Abraham was 100 and his wife Sarah 90 when they did something truly amazing – and he lived to be 175. Just imagine if he had put $2,000 a year into his IRA account."
National Prayer Breakfast
February 4, 1982

"Now, I don't question others' good intentions. I've simply noticed there's a well-known road that's paved with good intentions, but no one wants to go where it would take you."
Fundraising Luncheon for Senator Don Nickles
June 5, 1985

"But isn’t it wonderful to see so many Republicans in Mississippi? Times have changed and for the better. Former Congressman Prentiss Walker, who I understand is here today, tells a story about his first campaign. He dropped in on a farm and introduced himself as a Republican candidate. And as he tells it, the farmer’s eyes lit up, and then he said, 'Wait till I get my wife. We’ve never seen a Republican before.'
And a few minutes later he was back with his wife, and they asked Prentiss if he wouldn’t give them a speech. Well, he looked around for kind of a podium, something to stand on, and then the only thing available was a pile of that stuff that the late Mrs. Truman said it had taken her 35 years to get Harry to call 'fertilizer.' So, he stepped up on that and made his speech. And apparently he won them over. And they told him it was the first time they’d ever heard a Republican. And he says, 'That’s okay. That’s the first time I’ve ever given a speech from a Democratic platform.'"
Fundraising Dinner
June 20, 1983

The wit, warmth and wisdom of one of America's most beloved presidents.

Ronald Reagan was one of the most popular presidents in U.S. history. His optimism rekindled hope when the country suffered a crisis of spirit at the beginning of the 1980s. Known as “The Great Communicator,” President Reagan possessed a unique ability to get his message across to the American public.

One of his secrets was humor. From self-effacing quips about his age to jokes about politics and personal anecdotes, President Reagan made people laugh as he made his points. In this book, you'll see exactly how President Reagan used humor to accomplish his aims.

The book includes funny lines he used to:
  • make fun of big government
  • criticize bureaucracy
  • poke fun at opponents
  • attack Communism
  • support traditional values
  • laugh at the tax code
  • oppose government spending and taxing
  • praise volunteerism and the profit motive
  • and lots more.

    The best quips, jokes and anecdotes from Ronald Reagan's presidency.

    Great for anyone who likes history, needs to use humor in a presentation or loves to laugh!

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