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    Greetings From the Curator

    Welcome to the Museum of Humor.com. And thanks for visiting.

    While you're here, check out the exhibits, resources and library. They've been specially designed to make you laugh. And to help you make others laugh too!

    Like the stuff in our gift shop? You can get it much cheaper if you join the museum. Plus lots of other cool membership benefits. (Details are in the Join Museum section.)

    Have a great visit. Enjoy yourself. And keep laughing.

    - Malcolm Kushner, AFHC

    Mission Statement
    The Museum of Humor.com is designed to promote humor skills among speakers, writers, teachers, clergy and other professional communicators. But mostly it's designed to give you a kick in the laughs.
    Organization of Museum
  • Exhibits provides both entertainment and learning opportunities. It includes "Calculated Humor" which shows presenters how to make statistics less boring.

  • Resources provides material for speakers sorted by type of humor: quotes, one-liners, anecdotes, definitions, etc. It also features tools for creating humorous material.

  • Library provides articles and research about humor.
    - The clergy area features sermons about humor, as well as material to make sermons humorous.
    - The teacher area features K-12 lesson plans for using humor to teach a wide variety of subjects.
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